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August 15, 2012 – Megan Ann

I am the featured model of the day for Miss COED Magazine! Be sure to check out the write up here.

Vote for me as the “Model” of the month! Click the link and scroll down to “Megan Ann”!

Miss COED Magazine has some thing for everyone to read.  Fun, sexy, and entertaining.  If you haven’t checked out their website and posts, you need to (not only to see me), but to read some of the articles – connect with them on facebook!

COED Magazine

COED Magazine

Miss COED has a ton of writers on staff and keeps you up to date on sports,entertainment, and offers a wide variety of everything else in between.  Oh and maybe I forgot to mention – WOMEN!  Probably the number one reason visitors check out the site (I could be wrong, but there are lots of beauties featured on Miss COED’s website).

Vote for me as the “Model” of the month! Click the link and scroll down to “Megan Ann”!

If you know someone who you think should be featured as the next Miss COED of the day, be sure to email them at models@teamcoed.com and submit their information with a picture!

Be sure to check out the gallery below (it has some of the same photos that are featured in Miss COED – I just want to make sure that my photographers get their credit).


Connect with each of the photographers below:

- Christopher Wood- Southern California Photographer
- Anthony Panzino – Eireann Photography - Pennsylvania Based Photographer
- Ken Fields Photography – Maui, Hawaii Based Photographer
- Mark Crismond Photography – New Jersey/Pennsylvania Based Photographer
- Dave Kneller – World Class Photos - Pennsylvania Based Photographer
- Snap Star Live - Southern California – Los Angeles – Event Photographer

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post :) I love followers, so be sure to check me out on facebook and twitter!  I love photography as well so be sure to stay up to date and follow me on instagram (@) meganeisen!

Vote for me as the “Model” of the month! Click the link and scroll down to “Megan Ann”!

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